A Tuesday Gallery Of Awesome

Tuesday not impressing you like Friday does? By the end of this countdown you’ll be on track to have the most badass Tuesday in memory.

Cute cat GIFs are a dime a dozen.  We need more proactive cats that use their knowledge and skills to help make their masters look like awesome stunt pros.  How hard could it be?

This is like one of those desperation posts on Facebook that you don’t direct at anyone in specific in the hopes someone, anyone, will acknowledge you.  Only way more sad and obscure.

We dabble in video on this site and surely that means you too, as a viewer, are also a fan of video.  Have you seen many security camera video of guys pissing in what appears to be Israel on Youtube? And does that third panel imply they’re going to cut your balls off?  Because I’ve certainly never seen that on Youtube.  Not sure anyone wants to.  Then again, it might be popular.

So instead of printing the actual design on the cup, the company printed their example of how the design works on the cup.  Does that make it better or worse?  Sounds a lot funnier this way.  No offense, dissatisfied customer guy, but your wife probably would have been disappointed in this gift if it worked as plan.

 Dude probably has two.


This is why no one respects you anymore, CNN.  You’re not even trying.


You guys are just getting all the facts wrong. It wasn’t $40,0000, and even if it was $40,000, it wasn’t just on strippers, it was because Friday’s was just gouging us all on mozza sticks.  The story got blown way out of proportion.

No one was surprised when this happened.


You just can’t look away from it.


Just the crappiest baker ever who can drop his glasses into the dough and still not notice.


This is what all stinging insects deserve.




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