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Step 1:

Tennis-1 copyControl Every Opponent Right From The Start!

No matter how good your opponent is, if you can put him under pressure right from the start, keep him from developing any rhythm or building any confidence, you can make it much easier for yourself to control the ball, your opponent and the match.

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Step 2:
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Win More Easy Points With Your Bigger 1st Serve!

Learn how to use your 1st serve as a weapon by focusing your energy on hitting powerful & effective 1st serves when you need them most. This will give you the confidence to establish your dominance and win more points with less effort just like Andy Roddick and other great players. –

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Step 3:
Tennis-3 copy

Use Pressure To Play Even Stronger!

Learn how to use pressure to your advantage by keeping the pressure off of yourself and shifting it on your opponent. Train your mind to feel free and even enjoy pressure situations, hit your best shots and play your best game no matter what the score. –

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Step 4:
Tennis-4 copy

Be More Aggressive With Your Returns!

Consistent and aggressive returns are what separates great players like RogerFederer or Maria Sharapova from the rest of the pack. An aggressive return of serve will give you instant control of the point and keep your opponent from feeling confident with his serve or playing his best game. –

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Step 5:
Tennis-11 copy
Beating The “Better Players”

Your opponent will try and do everything he can to beat you and your job is to do and try everything you can to beat him. In practice you learn how to play tennis – in the match you learn how to perform and find a way to beat “better players” Your opponent can only play as good as you allow him to. Train your mind to: Stay focused and keep yourself motivated “winning or losing” and  lead yourself with a gusty attitude and your WILL for VICTORY. REMEMBER! If your opponent wants to win he has to beat you with your best game!

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Step 6:
Tennis-6 copy

Never Nervous Again!

Many talented players can’t play the tennis they are capable of only because they get nervous, lose concentration, make easy mistakes and start playing with no fun or motivation. Learn to control your emotions and you will make yourself a much better player almost overnight. –

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Step 7:
Tennis-7 copy
Develop A Better Attitude!

Don’t let yourself become your own toughest opponent by thinking negatively, talking yourself down and destroying your own game! By improving your attitude you will be able to beat players and win matches you never thought possible. –

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Step 8:
Beat The Pusher
Tennis-8 copy

Usually not a great player, the pusher often makes you change your strategy, get angry and even lose your confidence. Train your mind to play your best game with discipline and determination to stick to your strategy and not let the pusher take control. –

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Step 9:
Tennis-9 copy

Finish Off Opponents, Close Out  Matches And Win With Less Effort!

Learn how to keep the pressure on your opponent, stay focused and close out your matches. If you want to play high-level tennis you need to train your mind to stay sharp and play tough to finish off opponents, close out the match and win with less effort. –

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Step 10:
Tennis-10 copy

Never double-fault again!

You will be able to win more easy points with your 2nd serve and put your opponent under constant pressure. –

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All 10 Steps:
All you need to succeed in one box
Put all the pieces together and play your best tennis EVER!

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