Amy Schumer Left This AMAZING Tip On Her Bar Tab


Amy Schumer may have just been hoping to catch the musical that everyone’s been talking about, but she ended up making a bigger impression than she could have imagined when she attended Hamilton

The comedian, whose fourth season of Inside Amy Schumer premieres next week, went to the bar when she was attending the hip-hop musical on Saturday and ordered $77 worth of drinks. (Knowing Broadway drink prices and Schumer’s, uh, thirst, that number sounds about right.)

However, someone must have been VERY attentive behind the bar, because she left more than an impression on the bar staff…she left a cool $1,000 tip!

Because it’s 2016, that tip didn’t take long to make its way to social media:

Now, it’s hard to avoid the cynical thought that this may have just been a way to drum up some organic publicity for her show coming soon, but regardless of whether or not that’s true, I don’t think the recipients of the tip really care!

Check out the next page to see what the surprised bartender had to say!

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