Angelina Jolie Putting Her Health At Risk To Make Global Statement?

Angelina Jolie

Some tabloids know no boundaries when it comes to stars like Angelina Jolie. The latest rumor out is that the actress is on a “hunger strike.”

Fortunately, this rumor is being cleared up.

Jolie is a recognized humanitarian besides her accomplished work as an A-list Hollywood star. But a report out by the National Enquirer that she’s on a “hunger strike” is false.

The tabloid reports that Angelina is intentionally depriving herself of food as a means of raising awareness about starving Syrian refugees. Gossip Cop reports that this claim is plain “not true.

An unreliable source tells the tabloid “Angie’s trying to save the world, but she can’t seem to save herself. She told us, ‘If they can’t eat, I can’t eat.'”

The tabloid’s insider who says Angelina Jolie is starving herself, states that her “frightening weight loss is calling attention to is her health, not the unfortunate people she’s trying to help.”

Angelina’s husband, Brad Pitt, is mentioned in the bogus report by stating that he’s worried for her health and is trying to “intervene” to make her realize what “dire straits” her life is in.

GP reports that it reached out to a source close with Jolie and insists that the actress isn’t “starving herself to death.”

Several reports by the tabloid — in addition to other publications — have claimed that Angelina Jolie is suffering health problems due to her super-slim frame. The actress has responded to various rumors by stating that she’s always been slim and that there’s nothing to worry about.

As Hollywood Life notes, Star magazine reports that Jolie is 79 pounds. The report is similar to the one that Enquirer is spewing. Gossip Cop also squashed that rumor. Angelina Jolie isn’t suffering a health crisis and is doing fine.


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