Barely-There GSM GPS Tracker

What’s the most un-intrusive GPS you’ve ever seen? How about for a bike? Redditor [Fyodel] has built a Teensy-based GPS/GSM tracker that slides into your bike’s handlebars and really is out of sight.

The tracker operates on T-Mobile’s 2G service band — which will enable the device to work until about 2020 — since AT/T is phasing out their service come January. Since each positioning message averages 60 bytes, an IoT data plan is sufficient for moderate usage, with plans to switch over to a narrow-band LTE service when it becomes more affordable. [Fyodel] admits that battery life isn’t ideal at the moment, but plans to make it more efficient by using a motion sensor to ensure it’s only on when it needs to be.

GSM GPS Tracker ThumbThis isn’t [Fyodel’s] first rodeo, he has a previous revision of the tracker up on his Tindie store. But there are some real challenges with the new concept. The rounded PCB handlebar mounts look great, giving an almost futuristic design profile that you won’t really see. The board fits inside the metal handlebar tube, and signal issues haven’t been completely cleared up — an antenna will likely be the primary resolution. Otherwise, replacing the handlebars with carbon fiber is a safe bet.

Combine this tracker with a heads-down display and you’ll have a tidy little setup for your next cycling adventure.

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