Donald Trump's Family Endures Strain Of Presidential Campaign Demands

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Donald Trump’s family has been enduring the strains of his presidential campaign. Demands are high and the campaign trail runs at a rapid pace. His children are often stumping for him at various events and appearing in the media.

Ivana Trump says that it’s definitely been “very hard” for Ivanka, Donald, Jr., and Eric.

“It’s very hard for them because they all have families,” Ivana told Page Six at the Fashion Institute of Technology Gala honoring Dennis Basso at The Plaza. “Donald Jr. has five kids and a wife and he has to be on the trail. Ivanka has three kids, she just gave the birth to another baby. And Eric has a wife . . . It’s very, very stressful for them, because they have to follow and support him.”

Trump’s first ex-wife and mother of the three of his grown children isn’t sure her grandchildren understand what’s going on with everything.

“They are from 8 months to 8 years. They understand their grandfather is very important and wants to make a difference, but I am not sure what they think otherwise,” Ivana said.

Trump also has a 10-year-old son that he has with Melania Trump — Barron. Melania says whenever his father comes home, they spend quality time together as much as possible.

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