'Game of Thrones' Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Melisandre Returns and Arya's (Maybe) Going Home

Last week on Game of Thrones, we got a little taste of everyone’s storyline—except Melisandre, hmmm. This week, however, was all about strategy and strained family relations. And we picked up where we ended the season premiere: With Westeros’ newest resident and a fleet of her closest friends, er, subjects.

True to the episode’s name—”Stormborn”—we start on a dark and stormy night with Dany getting her ducks in a row. We’ve seen her make rash decisions in the past, but her little chat with Varys shows us how much she’s grown and learned over her time as a young queen. Now that she’s back in Westeros for the big event, she’s not taking any chances. She knows Varys works mainly for himself, so she’s taking his choice du jour with a grain of salt, but she’s got some fire-breathing backup to make sure he follows his word. I don’t recall any of the rulers Varys has previously served confront him the way Dany did, and it was refreshing. For now, the eunuch and his “little birds” are here for the Khaleesi.