Is Farrah Abraham Shopping Around Her Next Sex Tape?

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham filmed two sex tapes with adult film star, James Deen, a few years ago and she tried to sell them off as being personal videos with him when they were dating. But he quickly butchered her story, saying that everything they did was planned. Abraham became an adult film star overnight and pocketed a million dollars from the sale of these tapes. One could imagine that she’s learned something from her mistakes, but it sounds like Abraham is about to make the same mistake again. According to a new report, Farrah Abraham is supposedly shopping around a sex tape again.

Farrah already sold her sex tape called Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, but she’s supposedly looking to sell another sex tape. In this video, she supposedly filmed herself having sex without her alleged partner’s consent. And he believes she’s blackmailing him. This has resulted in a lawsuit.

Jonathan Lee Riches has asked for a temporary restraining order against Farrah, claiming that he’s facing “imminent danger and bodily harm.” 

“I was actually filmed without my consent by her and now Abraham is selling this illegal tape to the Adult Entertainment Industry for millions of dollars,” he reveals in his court documents. He also drops another major bombshell. 

“I am the true father of her daughter Sophia and though I committed pedophile acts by getting Farrah Abraham pregnant when she was a teenager, I was only acting on the advice of my mentor, Josh Duggar.”

With that comment, this lawsuit went from being somewhat believable to downright outrageous. Farrah Abraham has revealed that his claims are outrageous and no one knows who he is. And she could have a point. It seems like people are willing to sue celebrities, just for the sake of recognition.

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