Jennifer Aniston 'Friends' Movie: Is Actress In The Process Of Creating 'Friends' Film?

Jennifer Aniston

More Jennifer Aniston rumors are coming down the pike with the latest out that she’s making a “Friends” movie.

Gossip Cop isn’t revealing what source claims that the actress is in talks with producers to create a “Friends” film, but it states that a “Saturday headline on a notoriously bad blog reads, ‘Jennifer Aniston Talking ‘Friends’ Film After Box Office Disasters.'”

The so-called exclusive writes: “Jennifer Aniston’s most recent effort at the box office has resulted in a major flop and rumors are swirling that Aniston’s career in entertainment really can’t afford another bomb on her record. Which is why she is finally talking about making a ‘Friends’ film.”

The report continues that Jennifer Aniston desperately needs a film to do well at the box office or she’s history.

“Jen knows she needs a box office hit or her film career will be over,” the report added. “Like SJP did with the ‘Sex and the City’ movies, Jen wants to turn the TV show into a hit film.”

The website stated that Aniston “has met with writers and is starting to develop a script. She needs a hit, fast.”

According to GP,  Aniston is “100 percent NOT working on a big screen adaptation.” The actress’ rep exclusively tells GP that the website’s claims are bogus and is “ridiculous.”

Maybe a “Friends” film will surface eventually, but this report is spreading false rumors.

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