Makeout Session So Intense They Didn't Realize The Bar Was Getting Robbed

A couple was getting hot and heavy at a bar in Billings, Montana when suddenly three armed robbers entered the establishment with their guns drawn. Amazingly, the kissing lovebirds weren’t bothered by the robbery — in fact, judging by the video, I’m not even sure they noticed.

The unidentified couple’s reaction — or lack thereof — has gone viral. You know a makeout session is going well when neither person flinches even as things all of a sudden become life-and-death.

Police say the suspects in the crime are two men and a woman. This robbery of Tap Inn, which lasted about 60 seconds, was one of three robberies in the area on that same day. Authorities believe the crimes may be connected.

While police are asking for witnesses to step forward with tips, it’s safe to say the kissing couple won’t be able to provide any clues.

Here’s a longer video of the robbery with more angles: