Pamela Anderson's Sex Tape Off Limits For David Hasselhoff — Here's Why

David Hasselhoff Baywatch

David Hasselhoff didn’t mind running on the beach with Pamela Anderson while filming Baywatch back in the 90s, but he does have a problem watching her infamous sex tape with her ex, Tommy Lee.

During a conversation with Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM show Dirty, Sexy, Funny, Hoff stated that he’s never watched it and never will — mostly because it would be like watching his “freaking sister.”

“No! No! Because I knew her. It was like watching my freaking sister. No, I couldn’t.”

Curiosity then got the best of Hasselhoff, who turned the tables on McCarthy and asked, “Did you watch it?”

It should come as no surprise that the outspoken talk show host and former Playboy model watched Pamela and Tommy’s sex tape — and she said she “loved it.”

Hoff suggested that Jenny watch his documentary, Hoff the Record next time she wants to …err….well, watch something racy.

“You know what… if you want to beat off to something, you should beat off to Hoff the Record,” Hasselhoff told McCarthy. “Because you know me. I’m not like your brother.”

David Hasselhoff will be on the big screen in 2017, but it won’t be anything racy — or, at least, we hope not.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson confirmed earlier this week the Hoff will appear in the upcoming Baywatch movie and E! News reports that he’s already been spotted wearing his “signature red shorts.”

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