Ronda Rousey's PR Team Won't Let Journalists Ask Her About Fighting

Ronda Rousey

Sports Illustrated cover girl Ronda Rousey won’t talk about her fighting career. Or maybe, her public relations team won’t let her talk about fighting

Australia’s 7 News Perth traveled across the world to Vancouver, British Columbia for a sit down interview with Rousey. The UFC fighter was in Vancouver to do a motion capture session for the new EA Sports UFC 2 video game, which is set to release in two weeks.

According to the Daily Mail, Ronda’s team was fine with questions about her acting career, her body paint photos for the Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition cover, and her love of Australia in general. However, moments before the interview started, Ronda’s PR team said that no questions about fighting were permitted. If the news organization pushed or broke the rules, Ronda would walk out of the interview.

‘If you ask those questions, the interview is done,” the PR rep said, just before Ronda sat down with the reporter. 

The news team captured the warning on camera. 

“She’s a fighter! It’s like asking to do a story on a [basketball player] and not talking about basketball,” said reporter Mike Amor. 

7 Perth focused on Ronda’s struggle with depression after her loss to Holly Holm instead. 

This isn’t the first time Ronda’s been less than up front with the media during an interview. She previously hung up on a call when a reporter asked her about her boyfriend, Travis Browne’s domestic abuse allegations. Browne’s wife at the time, claimed he hit her. Ronda would say her phone died at the exact moment the question was asked. 

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