Routine Police Stop Turns Almost Deadly When The Suspects Pulls A Knife

You’ll notice in the video Aleman begs to be killed by the police.  He requests it over 40 times, in fact, and he also says he’ll kill someone else if they don’t.  That right there is a confession.  Aleman, it turns out, was wanted in Baltimore.  It’s believed he used that same knife earlier in the year to kill his roommate in Baltimore before going on the run.  It was just random happenstance that officer Hilling saw the fugitive on the side of the road and stopped to ask him some questions.

Hilling put one bullet into Aleman’s abdomen at the beginning of the altercation and that was it.  Considering how long the man kept coming afterwards, it shows both the restraint of the officer and the potential power of the suspect who could have done a lot of damage had anyone else gotten close to him.  Aleman is being charged with attempted murder on top of the Maryland murder charge while officer Hilling is not facing charges at all.

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