Helping kids (5-12)
 – Sleep better at night
– Learn better in school
– Develop more focus, patience and self-discipline
– Have more success in Sports

The SNOOGiS are based on a proven and highly successful concept that was originally developed in Germany and is already helping millions of kids, in Europe , learn better, focus more and sleep better at night.

The Horse that can only run backwards
Find out how Hans, the strong horse from the Netherlands, learns that respect, self- discipline and attitude can help him realize his dream of becoming the fastest animal in the world.

CD Edition, List Price: 14.99   Your Price: 12.97
Kindle Edition $8.98

The Donkey who lost his Mind
Learn how Dan the little gray donkey from Ohio was able to use concentration and focus to learn and spell 300 animal names and become the spelling champion of the world!

CD Edition, List Price: 14.99   Your Price: 12.97
Kindle Edition $8.98

The Mystery of the Singing Peacock
The new edition to the zoo is a shy little peacock with a huge talent! Learn how little Lin, the most amazing singing peacock from India, overcomes his fear and finds courage to persevere and achieve his goal.

CD Edition, List Price: 14.99   Your Price: 12.97
Kindle Edition $8.98

Milli and Lilly save the Zoo

It’s exciting and funny how Milli and Lilly the two tiny millipedes were able to gain so much confidence to overcome many obstacles and help the zoo build the tallest animal pyramid in the world and become the heroes of the day!

CD Edition, List Price: 14.99   Your Price: 12.97
Kindle Edition $8.98


Order all 4 SNOOGiS CD’s and pay only $39.97.
Kindle Edition $26.98

“Our son (7) and daughter (4) love your stories. They listen to them every night. I’ve never seen my children as happy as they are to go to bed each night. My son’s teacher has sent word to me about the positive difference in his attitude with the other children in the class.  Thank you so much for the beautiful and funny stories you have given.” Susan, Belgium  

As a grandmother of an “ADHS Child (7)” I’m very happy with the initial results from the stories. Within only two days time,  I began to see a more centered and relaxed child in my grandson. ”Thank you very much from Switzerland” Barbara Koller

 “I own your complete program and am currently using it with my first grade students. I wanted to write a note to let you know of the positive progress and success that has already been seen by using the program. I’m very happy with the positive attitude change and self-esteem in my students” Alex Koslovski

“My children love your stories and I use your program in my praxis with great success” Dr. J. Werneck

“You have done a wonderful job with these funny and very helpful stories. My son loves your stories and listens to them every night” Maxmillian Muller, Berlin

“I have used your program, in my practice, for many years, with great success, and I recommend your stories to every parent, teacher and pediatrician I come in contact with.” Regina Lessenthin, psychologist

“I’m a teacher and I love your program. I use your stories to help my students concentrate better and develop more self-esteem and confidence…” Petra Schell   

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