Teacher Fired After This Video Of Her Twerking On Spring Break Goes Viral

A teacher, identified only as Miss Clarissa,  went to Cabo San Lucas on Spring Break and ended up winning a twerking competition. The good news is she won $260. The bad news is she got fired from her job after the video of her amazing twerking went viral.

As you can see in the video, the 24-year-old shook her booty in the judge’s face before shoving his head into her cleavage. Those moves helped her win the competition but the administrators at her school weren’t nearly as impressed.

Miss Clarissa didn’t think twerking on Spring Break would cause her to lose her job: “It was a dance competition, something like this doesn’t define me as a person, it was my free time and we’re in the 21st century.”

“We’re not all saints and you can’t judge a person and question their reputation and their job over something like this.”

The now former teacher worked at Cumbre del Noroeste Institute, a private school in Mexico. She has indicated she might file a lawsuit because she doesn’t think the school treated her fairly after the video went viral.

“It’s not something to be afraid of, I’m not naked, I’m not having sex or taking drugs or disrespecting anyone,” she said.

One lesson we can all learn from this: If you do something in public, don’t be surprised if someone is filming.

“I knew there were mobile phones,” said Miss Clarissa, “but I never imagined this would go viral.”


Source: DailyStar

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