Terrifying Scene Where Pilot Died After His Biplane Crashed At Airshow

An Atlanta airshow ended in disaster when a pilot identified as Greg Connell lost control of his biplane and sent it crashing into the ground in front of a crowd of horrified families. The above video clip of the incident shows the pilot performing an aerial stunt before the plane begins hurtling erratically toward the earth.

A large crowd had gathered at the DeKalb Peachtree Airport in Atlanta for the annual Good Neighbor Day Airshow to watch a number of experienced pilots perform gravity-defying stunts. 

Greg Connell was performing a complex maneuver with another pilot before his biplane began malfunction. As he attempted to pull out of a 90-degree ascent, Connell’s plane suddenly arced downwards.

The plane began to wobble as Connell appeared to try and wrest control, but he could not prevent it from smashing into the ground. A blaze quickly erupted and consumed the remnants of the plane while an announcer could be heard warning onlookers to cover their children’s eyes.

So far, no official report has surfaced as to the cause of the accident. Connell’s official airshow page confirmed his death in a statement: “Please keep Greg’s family and friends in your prayers. There are no words to describe what we all are feeling right now. God bless & Godspeed Greg.”

The accident marks the first such tragedy in the Good Neighbor Day Airshow’s 30-year history. The National Transportation Safety Board plans to launch an investigation to determine what factors could have contributed to the disaster.

R.I.P. Greg Connell


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