'The Bold & The Beautiful' Spoilers: Brooke Makes A Promise To Katie

The Bold and the Beautiful

“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers for Thursday’s episode reveal that Liam is going back to Forrester, Brooke makes Katie a promise, and Wyatt urges Steffy to stay married to him.

In a preview video on what’s to come, Liam makes his Forrester comeback and is determined to also get Steffy back. Wyatt tells Steffy that they need to remain married despite Liam’s return. On Wednesday’s episode, Liam pressured Steffy to end her marriage with Wyatt since it played out under false pretenses. Steffy balked at the suggestion, telling Liam that the feelings are still real.

In other spoilers for the show, Brooke reassures Katie that she promises nothing will happen between her and Bill.

Katie also learns that Ridge’s doctor died when Rick relays to her that a friend of his saw Ridge interacting with the defrocked doctor before he was killed by a truck. Katie saw Ridge and Dr. Wolin having a serious disagreement last week and was soon apprised of what the whole thing was about. Katie was told by the inebriated doctor that Ridge isn’t the biological child of Douglas. Now that Dr. Wolin is dead, Ridge and Caroline mistakenly think that their secret is safe, but now Katie knows the truth.

Rick also knows something is up and he’ll keep looking until he finds dirt on Ridge. The truth over Douglas’ paternity is on the brink of exposure. At this point, Katie is the only one who knows Ridge isn’t the father, but she doesn’t have any grudges against him that would make her hold that information over his head. The biggest threat she poses is spilling the beans about it during one of her drunken states. Will Rick be the one she accidentally leaks this to? That would irrefutably spell disaster and ignite another scandal for Forrester.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for specific time.

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