'The Bold & The Beautiful' Spoilers: Sasha's Heart Gets Trampled On Again By Julius


Next on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Sasha gets her heart trampled again by Julius, but she fights through it.

As a spoilers preview shows, Sasha is read the riot act by her father — he tells her to pack her things and go back to Illiniois. He’s put out with her for telling Nicole that he’s her biological father. On Tuesday’s episode, Julius told Sasha that all he asked in return for taking care of her financial needs all these years was for her to keep their father-daughter connection a secret.

On Wednesday’s episode, Julius demands Sasha leave L.A. pronto, but she’s not going anywhere. She tells him that she ought to be ashamed for admitting he’s her dad, but she’s not.

In other spoilers for “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Katie is still trying to learn Ridge’s secret when it comes to Dr. Wolin. She asks him if he killed the troublemaker when he walked out in front of a truck. As viewers witnessed, Ridge’s back was turned at the time the nefarious doctor took the fatal hit.

In the last spoilers scene, Nicole tells her father to come clean to someone we can’t see in the video. Is it her mother or Maya?

This storyline has a lot to be explored. Julius wife, Vivienne, won’t be happy to learn that Sasha is his “dirty” secret … knowing how he’s treated her in front of them all of these years. Vivienne said on Tuesday’s episode that she’s had “no surprises” in her marriage to Julius and that he’s been a stable husband. Little does she know that he cheated on her and managed to keep Sasha a secret from everyone while she’s been a huge part of their lives.

Tune into “The Bold and the Beautiful” for this episode that airs on CBS Wednesday.

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