The Princess Diana Documentary 'Diana: Her True Story' Will Give You Chills—Get a First Look Here

In 1991, Diana, Princess of Wales, sat down for a series of secret interviews inside her home at Kensington Palace. In them, she opened up about everything—the abuse she witnessed as a child, the misgivings she felt on her wedding day, and her tumultuous relationship with Prince Charles.

They were recorded for Andrew Morton’s much publicized book, Diana: Her True Story, but not all of them were released—until now, that is. Last year, Morton and his publishing team decided to trust Peabody Award–winning filmmaker Tom Jennings with telling the rest of Princess Diana’s story for the National Geographic channel. The reason why? The documentary would be told entirely in Diana’s voice, essentially making her the narrator of her own story.

“In my opinion, this is the definitive documentary on Princess Diana,” Jennings tells us. Diana: In Her Own Words, which weaves archival footage and photography with the rare recordings, took 18 months to produce from concept to delivery. “It’s by far the hardest thing that [my team and I have] ever done, but it’s also the best thing we’ve ever done,” Jennings says. “We knew what we had was special. I don’t think anything else can approach it, and I feel very strong about saying that.”

Jennings’ desire to do right by Diana and her family had an underlying personal reason as well. “My mom passed away from cancer when I was eight years old,” he shares. “In the smallest of ways, I can empathize with what William and Harry have gone through. When Harry talks about it never really going away, he’s right. You just kind of cope with it.”

The documentary doesn’t premiere on National Geographic until August 14, but we have an exclusive look at the chilling first two minutes. Watch it here: