This Hot Yoga Instructor Gave A 15-Year-Old A B.J. At A Birthday Party

When Val Halen sung about being Hot Teacher, they didn’t write the verse where they finally got the blowjob they had been clearly craving because, well, that shit just didn’t happen in real life. At least it seemingly didn’t in the 1980’s. Now however, teachers are banging and blowing all kinds of students and but this story takes it up a notch because this teacher was a hot YOGA teacher and what she did was at a kid’s birthday party.

Not only did the 33-year-old woman blow a 15-year-old, but also treated a group of his friends to fondle her new fake boobs. Holy shit this is insane. However the teacher says she was drugged by an 18-year-old at the party, which led to her not being able to remember what had happened when questioned by the police two days later. She did however recall flashing her boobs at various guests earlier in the evening which is already a telling sign that something went down.

Her lawyer stated, “Ms. Radomski has no memory of what happened in that room and because she has no memory, from her perspective and from my perspective as her attorney, it didn’t happen and we’ll see what happens in court.”

After a few tests, there was no sign of any drug in her system beyond the alcohol she consumed. The hot yoga teacher is facing up to three years of probation and six months in jail. The boys however now have a lifetime of high fives they are sentenced to serve, those sickos.

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