Tyga Sued By Landlord After Allegedly Abandoning, Trashing Retail Clothing Store


Tyga is in trouble with yet another landlord. 

TMZ reports that the rapper, who has faced claims of unpaid rent from more than one property owner over the last year, is now being sued again for being an awful tenant.

The lawsuit claims that Tyga rented space for his company, Egypt Last Kings Clothing, but when the landlord went to the property one day in June 2015, he found the place abandoned and in disrepair.

The suit claims that doors and ceiling tiles were painted over and that there were multiple ink stains across the 5,000 feet of concrete flooring. The landlord also claims that someone poured ink down a drain and into a public sewer.

The landlord wants more than $75,000 from Tyga which is what he says it cost to repair the damage. The landlord is also suing for 5 months of unpaid rent.

Tyga’s legal response so far is that the problems were created by the landlord and the building wasn’t up to code.

But you’ll have to forgive us for being skeptical about Tyga’s explanation. This is the same guy who is also facing eviction from his Hollywood Hills home and was ordered to pay yet another landlord $70,000 in back rent last August. The NY Daily News reports that he was also sued twice by a different owner for skipping out on payments for his girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s home.

The Daily News also notes that Tyga’s poor financial decisions may be taking a toll. Tyga’s net worth was valued as high as $8 million at one point last year but the Celebrity Net Worth website now says Tyga only has about $2 million to his name. That’s still a lot of dough, of course, but one would think the rapper needs to make some serious lifestyle changes soon if he wants those numbers to reverse course.

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