You'll Be Sad To See How This Kim Kardashian Mural Was Vandalized

On Sunday, an Australian artist who goes by the name Lush Sux introduced a mural of Kim Kardashian to the world. Located in the city of Melbourne, the mural was 30 feet tall and copied the reality star’s pose from the recent nude selfie she published on Twitter.

Lush Sux is such a perfectionist that he got a local curvaceous model to stand naked in from of the mural to make sure that the proportions were accurate.

Surprisingly, locals hated the piece of art. There were many complaints made to authorities and people contacted the local media in hopes of getting the mural removed.

In a tragic turn of events, a vandal took matters into his own hands. This is what he did to the glorious 30-feet of Kim Kardashian.

Sadly, Lush Sux says he doesn’t plan to redo the mural. I guess we’ll all have to wait for Kim K to get naked again in order to inspire the next generation of artists.

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