10 Actors Who Were Almost Cast in Marvel's Ant-Man

Cinephiles and Marvel movie fans were abuzz when writer/director Edgar Wright teased plot details, production photos, and concept footage from Ant-Man, which promised to be an action comedy take on Marvel’s travel-sized superhero. Wright ultimately left the project, though Paul Rudd stayed on as Scott Lang for director Peyton Reed, who delivered the 2015 film that earned over $519 million worldwide. But before Rudd entered the scene, Ant-Man himself almost looked quite a bit different.

There were plenty of actors considered for the film’s lead and the no-less important parts of OG Ant-Man Hank Pym, the WASP and/or Hope van Dyne. Today, we look at 10 actors who were almost cast in Marvel’s Ant-Man at one point or another. And there are some pretty wild and unique choices to be discovered. As well as some that are simply no brainers. Would any of them have been better than Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly? That’s for any number of alternative universes to explore and figure out. We got what we got. But here’s what might have been.