16 Megapixel Outdoor Security Camera on the Cheap

Looking for a high quality security camera? Despite digital cameras continually getting better, and less expensive, security cameras haven’t seemed to follow the same path. So? Better make your own.

[Embedded Disasters] was looking for an outdoor, network capable camera of high resolution. He thought about using the Raspberry Pi camera module, but let’s be honest — it’s not great. Instead, he found a pair of used Nikon Coolpix L31 cameras, and he only paid $15 for the both of them.

Now the Nikon Coolpix L31 isn’t exactly the sports edition, so to make this an outdoor security camera, it’s going to need an enclosure. An outdoor halogen work lamp enclosure fit the bill perfectly. It’s rugged, already has the glass built into it, and at $12 the cost of this project wasn’t going anywhere!

To control the camera, he’s still going to be using a Raspberry Pi — it’s one of the most cost effective ways of getting something like a camera feed on the network. He 3D printed some adapters and was able to fit everything inside the lamp enclosure quite nicely — and just look at the quality of the images it records!


Not bad for a project with a BOM cost under $60! For more security camera hacks, check out [Dann Albright’s] experimentation in home security.

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