If you would like to help your child develop the confidence, attitude &
mind-set they need to succeed in today’s
school and sports.
is talented, you may qualify to
receive some of my best gigs for free.


I’m giving away some of my best gigs FREE!

So if you’d like to receive some of my best gigs, all you have to do is ask.

In your request, please be clear on how many gigs you want or need, and what the purpose is.

Be honest. If you need $20 for a pair of shoes, say so. If you need $100 for rent, then explain that too. If you just want $50 to go out with your friends this weekend, that’s what you should tell me.

Be creative. Catch my attention. A poem you wrote, letter, story or other unique something may interest me more than a bland letter. If you’d like to send photos or other documents, use this form to contact me and I’ll provide you with an e-mail adress to send those other things.

Be patient. I get lots of e-mails and work hard to answer all of them, but this can take time.


Be polite. Remember – not everyone will get money. I do my best to share with as many people as possible. But not everyone’s request will be fulfilled.


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