Kate Middleton's Bare Feet Under Intense Scrutiny, Reports Chastise Duchess

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton might be wishing she had some extra royal treatment before heading off to India because her bare toenails are under scrutiny.

The Duchess of Cambridge is in the news as much for her un-pedicured toes as she is for her fashion choices during this trip abroad. The Duchess and Prince William are in the midst of their highly anticipated tour of India.

According to TMZ, when Kate and William visited the Gandhi Museum in Delhi, she took her shoes off as part of Indian tradition. Unfortunately, the world paid more attention to the state of the duchess’ toes than anything else.

Daily Mail was rather harsh in its title, “Corns, clawed toes, bunions, AND fallen arches: How the Duchess has ruined her feet by high heels and pointy shoes as she goes bare feet at the Ghandi museum.”

The merciless report had a roster of podiatrists and other doctors analyzing Kate Middleton’s feet. All of this was due to the fact she didn’t have any nail polish on. An observation in the report noted that the duchess often wears a neutral polish on her fingernails, so it’s not the shock of the century that she skips the pedicures.

It’s possible that this royal has other priorities in life. In spite of that, everyone seems to think that Kate should have taken 10 minutes to apply some colorful nail polish to her bare feet.

So many are affronted by the fact that Kate Middleton didn’t have a pedicure. At the very least, they should give her credit for having at least one element of “imperfection.”

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