Megan Fox There Are Some Things Boys Shouldn't See Their Mothers Do

Megan Fox

Megan Fox says there are certain things boys should never see their mothers do. The actress, who’s pregnant with her third baby, interviewed with The Sun and opened up about what her sons shouldn’t see her do!

“There are just certain things boys should never see their mothers do,” says Megan Fox.

The actress says that she’s done doing “near pornographic” scenes. Becoming a mother changed her mind and the want to protect them from watching their mom perform a sexual act on-screen.

“I don’t think my boys could handle that,” she said. “They can’t separate the experience from the reality from the art. It gets very confusing when it’s your own mother.”

Megan’s view is far more conservative than many other mothers who see nothing wrong with continuing on in entertainment showing off everything. As Page Six notes, stars like Madonna, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce don’t let their children impact their very pubic careers when it comes to how much — or how little — clothing they wear.

Do you agree with Megan Fox that kids shouldn’t be exposed to their famous parents’ sexy scenes on TV, the movies, videos, or in photos?

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