NFL Set Football Schedule Around Beyonce


Beyonce played a big part in determining the NFL’s schedule. 

The league game schedule was released a little earlier than usual.

Why? Well, Beyonce

In part because the league wanted to give teams a chance to add those extra Queen Bey dates in their stadiums — was No. 43,066 spit out by the league’s computers. It hung on the wall as the leader in the clubhouse for eight days, the favorite because, among other things, there were no dud weeks for television, just two teams (Washington and Green Bay) were stuck with three-game road stretches and only one (the Giants) has to play a road game the week after a Monday night game on the road.

This means Beyonce played a part in determining if your team got a good schedule or not. 

Each season, teams submit dates to the league regarding times the stadiums will be unavailable due to concerts and other events. They also get to send in requests, regarding times and dates they don’t want to play. For example, nobody wants to play the Green Bay Packers in January.

This year, it was a little different. According to a report, “the schedulers had to tell teams they could not accommodate up-front all the requested blocked dates, and that they would have to wait for the schedule to come out to know if they could slot Beyoncé in for added shows.” 

“The biggest change this year was the number of teams playing multiple cross-country trips, and their preference to double them up and stay out there and practice,” said Michael North, the NFL’s senior director of broadcast planning and scheduling. “We had to teach our computer software, Pair them up if you can, but if you can’t, then spread them out so they are not ping-ponging back and forth.

Atlanta, Carolina, San Francisco, Miami and Oakland will all fall victim in the upcoming season. All will play back-to-back cross-country games. 

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