Tennis Winning – Mind-Set

Winning in Tennis Starts
Between Your Ears!

: Improving the mental aspect of your tennis is the easiest and quickest way to transform yourself into a much better tennis player in the shortest period of time.

Ask any of the top professional tennis players in the world and, they will all tell you this: “What goes on between your ears, in other words, your mind-set, applies not only to your success in tennis, but to everything else in life as well. It is what defines you on and off the court.”

Step 1:

Tennis-1 copyControl Every Opponent Right From The Start!

No matter how good your opponent is, if you can put him under pressure right from the start, keep him from developing any rhythm or building any confidence, you can make it much easier for yourself to control the ball, your opponent and the match.

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Step 2:
Tennis-2 copy

Win More Easy Points With Your Bigger 1st Serve!

Learn how to use your 1st serve as a weapon by focusing your energy on hitting powerful & effective 1st serves when you need them most. This will give you the confidence to establish your dominance and win more points with less effort just like the best players in the world. –

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Step 3:
Tennis-3 copy

Use Pressure To Play Even Stronger!

Tennis is about —PRESSURE— Learn how to use pressure to your advantage by keeping the pressure off of yourself and shifting it on your opponent. Train your mind to feel free and even enjoy pressure situations, hit your best shots and play your best game no matter what the score. –

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Step 4:
Tennis-4 copy

Be More Aggressive With Your Returns!

Consistent and aggressive returns are what separates great players like Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova from the rest of the pack. An aggressive return of serve will give you instant control of the point and keep your opponent from developing any confidence with his/her own serve. –

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Step 5:
Tennis-11 copy
Beating The “Better Players”

Your opponent can only play as good as you allow him to. Train your mind to: Stay focused and keep yourself motivated “winning or losing” and  lead yourself with a gusty attitude and your WILL for VICTORY. REMEMBER! If your opponent wants to win he has to beat you with your best game!

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Step 6:
Tennis-6 copy

Never Nervous Again!

Many talented players can’t play the tennis they are capable of only because they get nervous, lose concentration, make easy mistakes and start playing with no fun or motivation. Learn to control your emotions and you will make yourself a much better player almost overnight. –

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Step 7:
Tennis-7 copy
Develop A Better Attitude!

Don’t let yourself become your own toughest opponent by thinking negatively. Stop talking yourself down and stop destroying your own game! By improving your attitude you will be able to beat players and win matches you never thought possible. –

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Step 8:
Beat The Pusher
Tennis-8 copy

The pusher is usually not a great player, the pusher often just try to slow you down, hit more balls, make mistakes, get angry and even lose your confidence. Train your mind to play your best game with discipline and determination to stick to your strategy and not let the pusher take control. –

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Step 9:
Tennis-9 copy

Finish Off Opponents, Close Out  Matches And Win With Less Effort!

Learn how to keep the pressure on your opponent, stay focused and close out your matches. If you want to play high-level tennis you need to train your mind to stay sharp and play tough to finish off opponents, close out the match and win with less effort. –

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Step 10:
Tennis-10 copy

Never double-fault again!

You will be able to win more easy points with your 2nd serve and put your opponent under constant pressure. –

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All 10 Steps:
All you need to succeed in one box
Put all the pieces together and play your best tennis EVER!

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  • ————————————————————-
—————————–“Just wanted to take the time to update you briefly. Our CD’s arrived on Thursday, literally about 20 minutes prior to our departure for the tournament my son was playing in.  We listened to them several times (10 hr. drive).  I was so delighted that they arrived as I wanted them specifically for him to listen to BEFORE this tournament. Already the CD’s have made a difference!  He controlled his emotions better than at any tournament before. (He is an excellent tennis player physically and technically, but his weakness has been emotional, which then causes his game to suffer.)  So, he was able himself to notice a great difference and is very encouraged!  We told him that this is just the beginning of many improvements he is going to see as a result of being able to “control” his emotions & thoughts & focus better. THANK YOU for assuring that we received our order! Sincerely, Eric Mathis

—————————–“It was heart breaking for me as a mother to see my son getting angry on the court and losing matches he should easily wins. His coach used to talk to him before his matches BUT once the game started my son seemed to lose his concentration and end up playing with out any fun or motivation. Now since he’s been listening to your CD’s before his matches, he steps on the court not only feeling positive and ready to play but also willing to do what it takes to win.” Selvia Bergmann, Austria—————————My son (8) has listened to the cds 5 nights in a row now,  a mixture of the “start cd”, the “anger cd” and the “first serve”. He falls to sleep before the end of it every time. I hope this is ok?? HOWEVER, I don’t know if this is coincidence or not, but we have noticed a change in his attitude just being around the home. He seems a lot calmer and just seems to listen to us a bit more. Could it be working already? And would it be working for him off court as well?? It has been a very noticeable change, and his dad and I are wondering if it is due to the cds?? It is going to be very interesting to see what he is like once he gets back on court. We are very happy that it appears that change is already taking place, and so soon.
Please just let me know if we are doing the right thing by letting him fall to sleep? Thank you again Hassan, I am starting to see hope for our little boy. J

—————————–“I ordered your series of CD’s back in Octo.. for my 9yr old daughter Melanie Lewis. While driving back to Michigan from our Christmas vacation in south Florida we stopped for lunch in Bradenton. On impulse we elected to tour Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Not only did we get a tour but a half hour private video tapped lesson with Nick Bollettieri!!! Melanie did very well and stayed calm and focused even though we were all nervous. Her ability to concentrate is a direct result of us listening to your CD’s at night before bed. Thank-you from the Lewis family”

—————————–“My daughter (10) brings all your CD’s along in her tennis bag. On the way to a tournament, she often chooses one cd and she will sit in the back of the car and sometimes listen to the same CD 3 or 4 times. She is playing much better and she is WINNING. Her coach is very impressed with her performance. Thank you so much.” Maria Stock, CA…


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